About LoneStar

our core values

We’re all connected

In a constellation, each star is part of something greater…we all play our part and have our space in the sky. Our team shares everything, because we know it makes all of us stronger and better able to serve our guests. We’re also connected to other salons, the professional beauty community of vendors, stylists and aestheticitans, and the people who live and work around us. The strength, information and opportunities we find and share in each of these groups inspires us every day.

Empowerment through education

We’re in the business of guiding, nurturing and empowering through education, because we believe deep down that helping others be their best selves is what we’re here to do. Our salon and spa simply gives us the vehicle to mentor and nurture others. We know that contributing our knowledge and passion in a spirit of community is the best way to be of service, and to continue to learn and grow.

Self-care is a necessity

Let’s stop being hard on ourselves, ok? Time to be kind to yourself, to give YOU the care and love you would freely give to anyone in your family or circle of friends. You are a priority, and ALL of you deserves to be loved. Besides, how can we shine our light on others if we’re not feeling our best?

You just have to laugh

Sure, we take our work seriously, but we absolutely insist on having a blast while doing it. Come hang with the girls and goof off with us, we’ll help you leave the world outside and let go of your worries. Lose yourself in the music and chill as we snip, rinse and smooth your cares away.

Always better your best

The journey to our brightest self IS the destination. On our path of growth and learning, we will never arrive, but will always seek our north star, wherever it guides us. We keep our eyes on the sky and our feet on the ground, always improving, growing, learning and upholding the highest standards both personally and professionally.

Stay true, clear and bright

Authenticity and integrity informs everything we do, from the products we use to the way we carry and express ourselves. Respect, professionalism, speaking with kind candor, honoring creative self-expression, being true to ourselves, and doing what’s right are at the heart of every interaction we have. We welcome every age, gender, shape and texture into our home and are excited to meet everyone who walks through our doors.

Partnership is all about trust

It can be hard to let your hair down…to trust, feel safe and seen without judgment. Comfort and ease is our goal with everyone we work with, and we have created a zone where we welcome everyone with a kind heart and an open mind. We have created a process that guarantees personal attention, consistency and knowledge, to set you at ease and let you know we see you and care for you. Kick back, relax and stay a while.You’re in expert hands here.