Level 3 Stylist


Level 3 Stylist

What is your favorite thing about LoneStar?
Working for a salon that supports my work life balance is everything. It keeps me loving my work and passionate about what I do.

What is your signature service or service you’re known for?
Short textured haircuts and lived in, sun-kissed blonding.

Advice for younger self or a mantra?
Don’t hesitate, just do it! Do it scared if you have to.

What are 5 items always in your bag or car?
Lotion, lip gloss, hair tie, a case of water and snacks for the whole family, sunglasses.

What is a guilty pleasure of yours?
Jalapeño Cheetos and chocolate covered doughnuts.

What is a hobby or activity you enjoy outside of work?
Hiking, gardening, just being outside!

What is a favorite local business of yours?
Going to the local farmer’s markets.

Won’t leave home without?
Lip gloss & a hair tie.

Favorite food?

Shera loves customizing haircuts for each guest using precision and adding texture, while sun kissed blonding, grey blending, and lived in dimensional colors are some of her favorite color services to execute for enhancing the haircut and natural beauty in each guest she works with.